August [2012]

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Jeremy [Retro] said...


Back to Ghoul "Giveaway" from Neatorama

and the Soundtrack to the Stevan Mena's film "Bereavement"

coming soon a HBA T-shirt giveaway!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I have a blogfest September 17 - subject TBA soon!

Mr. Joyce said...

Hey everybody,

Johnny Zombie here!

The Nightmare Fuel Podcast is back!

And this season promises to be a real scream!

Fist off, I have a tribute to Ray Bradbury. I'll be reading his very personal story, "The Lake."

Next up, a tribute to The Supernatural Detective!

That'll be followed by a the first story in Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos!

And, finally, "The Walking Dead: Seasons One and Two" review.

It'll be a season opener to remember on...
Nightmare Fuel!

Campbell3555 said...

More new dark art at Zombie Bites this month:

The big news this month is that the new HBA T-shirts are now available at Neatorama's Neatoshop. Jeremy and I worked on the new designs all last month and we've come up with two good 'n' creepy images. Check 'em out and order yours today!

August Begins with the withering energies of a Soulsplitter followed by an entity who is not what he seems, an old devil waiting, a nervous Bride, and a colorful, yet disturbing, birth of self.

Shadowy creatures emerge From The Archives this month with a father Demon inspired by the anime series, The Hakkenden, a blocked and stagnating identity, the heart revealing itself, a losing struggle with shadow, and an immense gate into deeper darkness.

The rest of the month is filled with a host of demons and darkness: a disturbing discovery in the hall of mirrors, a man giving into his demon, the murky animosity that lives at the bottom of everything, and a demonic disturbance at the gate.

Check it out at Zombie Bites!

Dylan Petersin said...

Hilarious movie. Truth or dare is another Cabin in the Woods... little more gamey!

Sir Jorge Orduna said...

Scary Film Review is giving away Total Recall on Blu Ray, all you have to do to enter is comment on the blog or my Facebook page. :)

Sir Jorge Orduna said...

On my other site,, I'm giving away The Punisher Max Volume 1 & 2 just for leaving a comment. Please check it out, tell your friends etc.

On scaryfilm review, leave a comment and win Total Recall on Blu ray.


Anonymous said...

My first novel, PANDORA, will be released on September 1 by Damnation Books. I was hoping to do a bit of a blog hop to promote it, but I'm new to all of this and need more horror blogger friends! If anyone would be interested in hosting me for a guest post sometime in September, I would love to get around to some blogs that are more awesome and popular than mine. I'll try to get you a free e-book copy of it as well!

Just hop over to my contact form on my website: Thanks!

Joe Nazare said...

A new Countdown has been launched at Macabre Republic today: of the top 20 Jack Ketchum works of short fiction. Feel free to chime in as you check out the selections.

Unknown said...

Hey, guys I know i'm not a blog but I'm a big fan of horror and any movie with blood! So i just wanted to suggest this movie i just saw by
Robert Heath that was really awesome.
TRUTH OR DARE Take a look I loved it!

J. Murphy said...

Hey guys, over on Basement Screams I review The Raid: Redemption. Check it on out. Comments and feedback always appreciated!

Halloween Zentai Suit said...

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