HBA and SPAM...

Just Don't Need It?
Just a heads up, we have been hit with about a 1000 plus SPAM in less than a week... so I am not sure which option to set for comments. I turned off the "ANONYMOUS" option to prevent the little sneakers to get in... please let me know if you cannot comment anymore. If anyone knows of a better service to avoid all the crap and let everyone who needs to post a comment can.

Lastly we may have a bug that is forcing you to be redirected to other spamming places... I have not encountered any trouble. Damn spam-nuts!

Thank you!
Jeremy [Retro]
HBA Curator


Unknown said...

It seems I can post, but a few times a big Malware sign popped up warning me. Thought you should know!

Jeremy [Retro] said...

Amber, thank you.. it's because I think we get so much crap... I am working on the crazy spammers.