New Banner for 2013/14? [06-21-13]

Try this if you like, if not search for all the old banners or make/design your own. So this is suppose to be moving and feature a classic film you should all know, if you don't well then maybe you are in the wrong place. I want to thank a member for the imagery, it served well for what this place is about.

As you watch, it get's faster and faster and faster...
Jeremy [Retro]
HBA Curator
*Download it and upload to your site using your "import" photo and shrink to fit and you should get it, if not please ask I can look into it.


Drew Grimm Van Ess said...

I added this to my page. It's a fantastic design, but it won't save as a gif. Any way to ge it to actually move like in this picture?

Brandon Early said...

That's pretty damn nifty. Kudos to the person who designed it.

wardenstokely said...

Hi Grimm! Warden here. I'm having the same problem. Well, sorta. It saved as a GIF, but it doesn't move. I'm gonna hit Jeremy up. Will keep ya posted if I get a fix. Keep those fires stoked.
Eternally Yours
The Warden

Wil said...

Am I member already? Cause i havent recieve any emails yet but i have sent my application

wendell said...

It works in my blog. Awesome gif and I link it to this website. Thanks!