AUGUST: New HBA Members..and Your Help!!

Okay, there are many new HBA Members and you all should check them out, as always "New Members" check to see you are on the list correctly. The new master list is available at top right above the "Donation Button". IT'S CUSTOMARY TO SAY THANK YOU, OR EVEN BOO... Welcome them with a scream!

If you all didn't know I have been working on my art/design book tour called "IT'S TIME", running the Howlin' Wolf Records "UPDATE SITE" and in the last few months the numbers have dropped here. I made a new "HBA BANNER" and made a post about "ARE YOU ALIVE".. So keeping myself busy I know this is more of a hub of horror and I am okay with that, but 900+ members and only 30 responses... It just seemed that no one cared.

So I need your help if anyone is interested, I need some of you all to help comb in the master list of "HBA Sites" and make a list of places that are "gone", "dead" or "spam"... now if there is still a site with out current activity, that is okay. Many still have great content, just make note of them... some have changed site names with a re-direct. Interested, please contact me?

Normally we have our "GIVE BLOOD" drive... try to raise a few bucks, still thinking about it... have a giveaway or something... last anyone interested in a new "HBA T-SHIRT" design... not that there is anything wrong with the last one. So please check out the links, new members and comment... show us you are alive and kicking... in fact share this post to your readers, maybe we can get the numbers up and all the dark-angels will get their wings.

Thank you!
Jeremy [Retro]
Oh, No... Let's Go CRAZY!
HBA Curator

List of the Newest HBA Members:

A - Andrew's Desk

C - The Cinema Monster

D - Dawning Horror

D - Doctor Havok's Haunt of Doom
Dr. Havok

E - E A Nash - Horror and Supernatural Fiction
E A Nash

F - Film Dick
Film Dick

G - Gunsmoke and Ghouls

H - Halloween Love Blog
Black Orange

H - Hallow-Holics Anonymous

H - Horror Boom
Mrs. Horror Boom

J - Jordan and Eddie

L - Lasers, Monsters and Barbarians Oh, My!

L - Lovecraft Reviews
Rg Lovecraft

P - Popcorn Culture

S - Scariest Movies Online

W - Warden Stokely Horrorzine
Warden Stokely

W - Weekend Horror!
Horror Queen


Britnie said...

Welcome new HBA members!

Brennan said...

Thank you for setting this up, I'm really excited to be a part of the HBA!

Brandon Early said...

Welcome to the new members of HBA!

Jeremy, I'm writing this at 3:30 in the a.m. so my thought processes aren't the sharpest, but . . . I'll take a look at that master list and see if I can't help you weed out the ones that have "crossed over". Maybe we could get several members to claim a chunk of the list to work on so it wouldn't be so overwhelming for any one person. That would also help keep us from wasting time going over the same ground. I'll be in touch.

Real Queen of Horror said...

Welcome to HBA! :P

Anonymous said...

Proud to be added to HBA! Let's keep horror alive!