OCTOBER 1, 2013... It's the start of MADNESS!

So are you running a special tribute to the month of October, that will lead to many of your favorites holiday "HALLOWEEN"? If you would like to share your special "whatever" please share here, I will leave this up top so you all can be seen. 

I know of two things happening and thought I would share them both... we at the "HBA" are taking part in the "COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN", which I am just going to suggest that people who visit... visit you guys.

The other is "PRE'WEEN" that is being brought to you by members, so you have nothing to lose and I think to gain some new friends. Who knows what will lurk behind each door that you may viturally knock at, just go on inside.

Added FATAL FIGURE FIGHTS brought to you by Michael from "THE BASEMENT OF TATLOCK" see some of your favorites "dook it out"... Nice job so far!!

HBA Curator


Michael Tatlock said...

On my www.mindoftatlock.com website, I've changed my theme over to a October/Halloween style and I will be reviewing exclusively Halloween movies (not the Michael Myers series) throughout October.

On my www.basementoftatlock.com website, I will be running a action figure tournament, that pits favorites such as Michael Myers vs Ash (going on right now) and Freddy vs Jason. Each fight will have a bunch of photos and a small gif animation at the end, showing each figures ending win. Then you vote on who should win and they move on to face whoever is next, ending in a fight to the death on October 31st.

Brandon Early said...

Thanks for pointing folks toward the Pre'Ween festivities, Jeremy! Myself, Warden Stokely Horrorzine, and The Info Zombie are all participating.

BTW, Tatlock, I love what you're doing with the action figure face offs. It makes me want to pull my McFarlane Movie Maniacs out of the old glass display case and play along.

Michael Tatlock said...

Thanks Brandon for checking out the action figure tournament. It should be a lot of fun. You're never too old to play with action figures... well that's what I keep telling myself. My wife would say otherwise. ;)