Horror Rated is looking for a good couple of people...

HorrorRated.com - Choose Your Poison… Our sole mission at HorrorRated.com is to make it fun. quick and easy for horror fans to find GOOD horror movies. We have hundreds of movies cataloged with an average IMDb rating of over 6/10. We let you categorize the movies by what we call the 5 flavors of horror: Gore, Nudity, Scares, Fear, Trauma. Rate any movie and write a mini review for everyone to read.

Find movies by director or decade, watch trailers, check out the latest releases and browse the top 100 horror movies. So if you’re tired of trawling through Netflix for hours on end and finding nothing new, or nothing good then check us out. Come to HorrorRated.com and choose your poison: Gore, Nudity, Scares, Fear, Trauma.

Head on over to http://www.horrorrated.com and register to be one of the first to start rating and reviewing our catalog.

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