Howlin' Wolf Records: "DJINN" music by BC Smith [Limited Pressing of 250 Cd's]

Available as a limited pressing of 250 CDs, Howlin' Wolf Records proudly present BC Smith's score for DJINN.

Juxtaposed against these vividly jagged textures are passages of warmth and melodic charm, underlining scenes of family and love, colored by that most domestic of musical instruments, the piano. For Tobe Hooper's final film, Smith has crafted a modern vernacular for an ancient evil, at once vivid and poignant, thoughtful and provocative. []
Today is the official release date for Howlin' Wolf' Records "DJINN", this was the final film of director TOBE HOOPER so I am feeling this score was meant to be heard. 
This is the company I work in promotions...
-Jeremy [Retro] 

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