Toronto 2010 Fan Expo pt.1: Friends and Fiends

So the 2010 Toronto FanExpo has come and gone and as per usual I would like to offer you all a photo diary/ re-cap of my Killer Weekend!

Meeting Ghoulish Gary Pullin was a wonderful treat.He is a HUGE influence for me and a big reason why I push myself so hard to offer up the best art every time. Gary has set the bar for horror art, and I reach for it with every drawing. I even had a chance to give him the ZomBie portrait I painted of him ( see next photo) It was great to spend some time at the RueMorgue booth and to chat with an Icon.

Another real treat for me was meeting Lloyd kaufman. and see him. When I did he remembered me, gave me a hug and Lloyd has entertained me so much over the years that I decided to draw a Llloyd/Toxic Avenger piece. I sent him a TwittPic before the show and told him I was going to drop by his boothautographed my illustration. I can die happy now.

I got a double dose of RueMorgue this weekend, I had also drawn a ZomBie portrait for the host of RueMorgue Radio, Tomb Dragomir. It was nice to meet him in person and chat for a bit. He actually saw me going up the escalator wearing my Bloody Mary T-shirt. ( that was a great investment) Tomb is a GREAT guy and it was a blast to do his portrait. Check him out at RueMorgue Radio.

I ran into, and was almost devoured by my friend Thea from the Toronto Zombie Walk. rather than take a bite out of me and turn me into one of the undead, she posed for a picture of her and her portrait.

Part 2: It's all me, coming soon!

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Strange Kid said...

These are awesome, Chris! Though I've never gotten the chance to meet Tomb, Gary comes across as a really awesome guy.

Christopher Zenga said...

Thanks for the kind words! Tomb and Gary are both awesome guys!! They are staples (along with RueMorgue) in the horror community and really do produce great work!