This Week For: December 12th to Dec 18th [2010]

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Mark Taylor said...

Charles Day, a.k.a Charlie in the box, a horror writer of the dark and disturbed, has been kind enough to participate in an interview with the Filing Words Blog, which can be found here:

Not only does it discuss him and his writing, but also highlights the excellent work that he does in the field of mental wellness, and the Hidden Thoughts small press that he has started to help promote awareness and spread stories of survival.

Charles own blog can be found here: and the press here:

I urge you to support his work.

Anonymous said...

"The Undead Submachine Gun"

Mr. Gable said...

I'll be watching and reviews ALL FIVE Silent Night, Deadly Night movies this week. Here's part 1!

Erick said...

I interviewed Janice Gable Bashman and Jonathan Maberry, authors of the book WANTED UNDEAD OR ALIVE: Vampire Hunters and Other Kick-Ass Enemies of Evil. You can read it here --