December 2011


Campbell3555 said...

I'll be starting the month at Zombie Bites with a few pieces of art inspired by and in celebration of that persnickety Christmas Devil, Krampus! The rest of the month I'll be posting some zombie oriented christmas pieces and some fresh Photoshop works to creep up and disturb your holiday season. I'll be filling in the gaps with a few odds and ends from my sketchbooks. Stop by and say Brains!

RiseandFight said...

We are launching our web series this month! Please help us promote and follow. Read on for the description and thanks for your support!

When there’s no more room in hell, you still have to pay the bills.

Lynchfield is a series of eleven webisodes that follows the workings of a delivery driver throughout his daily stops in the zombie apocalypse.

All is well in the small town of Lynchfield.

The days are boring and normal as businesses open and close. People walk the streets and shop. Everything is normal except for the not so average zombie apocalypse that hit years ago… and it wasn’t a big deal.

People die and become zombies, but, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay the water bill.

Follow our delivery driver week to week for eleven weeks as we show you the shenanigans that ensue while delivering packages in the small town of Lynchfield.

It all starts Monday, November 28th with the release of the Lynchfield teaser trailer.

Each week when we release a new webisode, exclusive content will be released in relation to that weeks webisode.

Check it out simply by going to WWW.THELYNCHFIELDSTOPS.COM

Also follow us on Facebook all the updates and more:!

Each episode is free to the public.

Thank you.


Mr. Joyce said...

Hey everybody!

Johnny Zombie from the Nightmare Fuelpodcast here!

This month is all about the holidays.

First up, the as promised, "Urban Legends" episode, as voted by the listeners.

Then, to put you all in the holiday mood, "The Nightmare Fuel Holiday Special!"

Yes, that's right, CTHULHU Mass comes this year to Nightmare Fuel. A full episode of original dark comedy, specially themed for the holidays. Join the cult of Cthulhu, and celebrate his glorious birth! Eldritch is the reason for the season!

I also have episodes about The Winter Solstice, and the "Pagan Roots of Christmas" customs.

And don't forget about the "Year End Review," where I talk about the biggest news stories of the year

It's all coming up on The Nightmare fuel Podcast!

And don't forget to check out my comedy blog at.

Thanks, and have a Merry Cthulhu Mass!

Joel Harley said...

Hello all!

This month marks the start of The Horror Review Hole's 'horror advent calendar'. I'm going to be reviewing 25 vaguely Christmassy horror movies.

Drop by and see.


Girl on Gore said...

Nothing says Joy to the world like a good ol' fashioned horror Christmas. So this month, Girl on Gore's features are getting a yuletide make over!
- What I've learned from Christmas horror movies.
-Great Moments in Christmas gore.
-Plus, lots of reviews.

Wonder what would happen if Santa and Jason met under the mistletoe...

Elwood Jones said...

Hey all,
Well with Christmas fast approaching and the TV schedules already being crammed full off those god awful made for TV Christmas movies, you know the kind were the family learns the true mean of Christmas by letting the friendly hobo into their house or whatever random event they can make seem plausible with a Christmas setting.

So this year "From the Depths of DVD Hell" is celebrating an alternate Christmas, by looking at the movies which might be set at Christmas, but are frequently far from the usual festive nonsense, with terrorists invading the office party, Santa battling the Martians and Serial Killer Snowmen!!

Prime examples of these movies of course being "Die Hard", "Silent Night Deadly Night", "Gremlins" and "Rare Exports" to name but a few and over December I will be looking at these great films and others, both on the blog aswell as in my column at "The Life and Times of Lucy In Da Sky With Diamonds" as part of a month long celebration of the Christmas movies which are anything but traditional.

To help celebrate this latest season of reviews, I am also opening up the floor once again to some cross blogging fun, by asking you all for your help, by posting your own reviews, rants or pretty much anything else you want to submit which relates to these movies which give a very different view of Christmas. If this sound like something you'd like to be part of, all you need to do is to send me an e-mail ( with a link to your posts and I will then highlight them here on the blog!

So dig out that your alternative festive viewing and join in the fun!!

Joe Nazare said...

Bag of Bones Weekend has kicked off over at Macabre Republic ( In anticipation of the premiere of the TV miniseries on Sunday night, I will be doing posts related to the Stephen King book all weekend. Today, you can test your knowledge of the novel with a trivia game.

Unknown said...

My short story The Endless Game has been nominated for the Preditors and Editors Best Horror Short Story Published 2011. I'd appreciate any support and votes if you could spare a few mins.

Visit here and be sure to click the link sent to your email to register the vote. Thank you all and A Happy New Year.

The Endless Game by Anthony Cowin

Joshua Daniels said...

Thanks for the Add your running a really great site. We've added a link to your site from Satans Hometown as well and about to do a new post featuring Horror Blogger Alliance thanks and keep it up!