February 2012


Mr. Xploit, Esquire said...

I'll post some stuff on women in horror even though I mistakenly did that last month! Dammit! Also some WIP reviews too!

C.C. Harvey said...

We posted our first podcast over at TexasLipstickMassacre.blogspot.com. Creating a podcast is a lot scarier than I thought it would be! :) Any advice, tips, compliments would be welcome.


Mr. Joyce said...

Johnny Zombie here!

This month, on the Nightmare Fuel Podcast, I offer a hodge podge of the dark, the strange, and the disturbing.

1. A reading of James Joyce's disturbing tale, "An Encounter."

2. The Myth of Eros and Psyche (just in time for Valentine's Day)

3. Weird News Roundup (all the strange that's fit to print)

4. Wild Card: Anything goes for the final topic of the month.

All that, and more, on the Nightmare Fuel Podcast.

Dom Coccaro said...

This month on Random Reviews Incorporated, I'll be attempting to tackle the following flicks...

Screams of a Winter Night
The Basement
The Innkeepers
The Grapes of Death

And more! The site is updated daily with all kinds of random geeky stuff.

morleysaurus said...

This month in celebration of Women in Horror Month, I am hosting the 2nd year of my film festival, Jennifer's Bodies in Scotland. :)

Unknown said...

‎'100 Horrors: Tales of Horror in the Blink of an Eye' Edited by Kevin G Bufton available now on Kindle. My terrifying tale of evil and paranoia 'Hush Little Baby' is included.



Unknown said...

'These Are the Clouds' by Anthony Cowin available to read at Dark River Press.

The second Ice Age has arrived and one man is forced to make a difficult choice whether or not to relieve the suffering of his wife.


Anonymous said...

Top 10 Sci-Fi Horror Films of the Noughties - Part 1 now posted at the Black Planet.

Check if your favorites are there and acream blue murfder if not!

Anonymous said...

Ha, no I'm not drunk, although my spelling may just have give that impression! :-)

Anonymous said...

Top 10 Sci-Fi Horror Films of the Noughties - Part 2 now up on Black Planet.

ShellHawk said...

The Hauntcast resurrection effort is gaining momentum! We did a giveaway at 100 subscribers and the next giveaway is at 175, so subscribe to be included in the giveaway and to be entered in the big raffle! Grand prize is the Juneau Studios Lizzy Borden Mirror plus four DVDs, valued at $2500.

The pilot episode of the new spinoff show, "Shocktail Hour" is available for free download now, just to give you a taste of horror yumminess!


S. Williams said...

New story posted on the swollen corpse.


Spooky Sean said...

Got a little thing I wrote reflecting upon the pilot episode of the show, Millenium.
Got a review of the short film, Familiar.
And, I have an interview with the beautiful, and talented Pollyanna McIntosh of The Woman.