First, been a long... long... long time since I have been checking in with this place. I miss it, what it was, what it meant and who it meant too. So forgive me, I wanted to know if there is anyone still out there, many of the "HBA MEMBERS" links are dead... so many dead... where do we go from here?

Is there anyone out there?
Any thoughts, it really about you all...
Should we shock this place, back to life?
Leave a comment, let me know your thoughts...

Jeremy [Retro]
Oh, No... Let's Go CRAZY!
HBA Curator



Bob Johns said...

Oh yeah lets light it up!

krishna said...

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Laura Brown said...

I never joined but I still come back for the updates.

Steve Miller said...

My 'Terror Titans' blog comes back to life every October for '31 Nights of Halloween'... otherwise, I don't do much with it these days. I don't write as many horror reviews as I used to... although I am thinkin I should do at least one a month since I still watch a few.

P.D. Fingersnarl said...

Slashers, Starlets & Sleaze is coming back slowly but surely. www.ssshorror.blogspot.com. Updated all of the external review links on IMDB and trying to come up with something new.