Zombinatrix: "Kickstarter" [NOW LIVE]


Hello, Bianca Allaine here again! Just a note, we will not be sending emails to you this frequently, but we wanted you to be the first to know that the Kickstarter Fundraiser campaign for ZOMBINATRIX is now live!

Michael and I have spent months planning and preparing for this campaign, working around the clock to bring you something very special. Make sure you check out our pitch video which is more of a fun, informative short film.

The official URL for the Kickstarter page is https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zombinatrix/zombinatrix-shes-into-whips-and-brains-zombie-horr but www.Zombinatrix.com will redirect you the campaign as well! Also, don't forget to follow our campaign on social media for updates and please help spread the word with your friends. Also, if you're a blogger, podcaster, etc., we'd love for you to help promote the film and campaign!

The rewards and donation tiers range from $5 to $5 thousand dollars. We're running an early bird special for producer perks. Please note, these early bird perks are limited in both time and quantity.

Some additional rewards we will have available are listed below. Please be aware that some perks are limited. If we surpass our goal of $10,000, we will add surprises and cool new rewards! Thank you again for your support and please contact me if you have any questions. Together, we're going to make an awesome movie!

DVDs and Blu-Rays
Enamel Pins
Production Blog Access
Producer Credits
Roles in the Movie!

We love her, so... go find out more and don't be afraid... she won't bite, hard!
Jeremy [Retro]
Oh, No... Let's Go CRAZY!
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