The Day After at the Toronto FanExpo

Good morning Boys and ghouls,
here is the OFFICIAL first look at the SEVEN NEW PRINTS that I will have for sale EXCLUSIVELY at this years Toronto FanExpo, August 27th - 29th, Metro Toronto Convention Center. Look for me in section AA on Artist Alley.

I will make these prints available in my Etsy store shortly after the FanExpo.

And don't forget!! I will be drawing live
Custom Zombie Portraits and Live Cthu-You portraits

So come visit the booth and become Undead Through Lead!

Later days,


- - - All original artwork on this blog (c) Chris Zenga. This artwork is under a Creative Commons Licence. See The Day After for details.


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Great work! I did get my print (second to the last) and I have to tell everyone it looks fantatstic. Great work, beautiful print. You need to buy one for yourself :)

Good luck with the show.


christopher zenga said...

Thanks Frog Queen!!

I'm so glad it arrived ok! and thanks so much for the endorsement.


Anonymous said...

Freakin' awesome Chris. Love the Misfits inspired painting.

Jenn said...

Hi Christopher! We're driving up from VA for the convention (and to see The Specials) so I will definitely stop by and say hello! Glad to see one of the bloggers is going to be there! See you soon!

christopher zenga said...

Thanks Terror! the news that our boys at Rue Morgue where bringing him up as a guest was the reason to turn that painting into a Print.

Hey Jenn, that is so cool! This will be my second year and my table will be bigger and better with more prints available. Looking forward to seeing you. Thanks for coming to Canada for the Expo!!

Later days,