This Week For: August 15th to 21st [2010]

[HBA-MEMBERS] Please put all your upcoming events here...
Let everyone know what you are doing this week

Greetings HBA Members,
HBA Staffers are trying to make a more efficient and member friendly place, we are going to post a "Week to Week" where you post your information. This will be a Sunday to Saturday post each week, with a new header each week, there also will be a link to all past "Week to Week" on the right side.

Things you need to do:
01. Include the link in the "comments" section and a brief description, this will get to the members.
02. New Members please post your "Site" here, we will update as soon as we can [you still can email us too].
03. Be Respectful and Kind to all members.
04. Members please respond to post made by other members, let them know you care.
05. Have fun and if you have any questions, please ask.

Now we will still be posting things of interest that the HBA Staffers want you to know about, and we will try to highlight some of your members post... just cause we want you to know.

Thanks again,
HBA Staffer

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Daph said...

I will be having a giveaway when my followers hit a "magical number" know only to me. I will be giving away a handmade horror doll! Stop in and say Hi:)

Steve Miller said...

It's not horror, but I'm doing a "The Expendables" blog-a-thon. Visit this post for details if you want to take part:

Unknown said...

Updated news about film "Midnight Movie" and talking with the director, composer and producer of the soundtrack.

B.H. Wydeven said...

I'm a horror novelist and filmmaker and I've written a few companion shorts which tie into my novel, "Drowning Demons," about Raven James who can see and hear ghosts. He remedies the visions and nightmares with alcohol.

Tyhitia Green said...

Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing. :-D

Too Many Zombies said...

I know you know this, iZombie (and thanks for the support!), but my Too Many Zombies project reaches its conclusion tomorrow.

I aimed to create a zombie a day for a whole year. Well, I went over and today I posted #374. Tomorrow it ends and, along with the special zombies (like christmas zombies), I'll have 380 guys and girls. A full series from start to finish.

If you haven't checked out the site before, just bear in mind it was meant to be read day by day so, if you read from the top-down, you're reading it backwards! Best pick a page and work upwards from the bottom or pick a point and just click 'Newer Post' because there are a few continuing stories.

Hard to believe its been a year...

Maynard Morrissey said...

Reviews about the 2(!) infamous "Troll 3" movies

& the Italo-schlock "Beyond Darkness"

Jeremy [Retro] said...

some great posted things... i like it... all

Sonsey said...

All things Horror in the Nation's Capitol!
Premiering "The Human Centipede" on Sept. 17th!

Phantom said...

Horror: The Final Frontier
Horror films in Space

Sixth Instalments in a Franchise:

Plus new reviews for Ghoulies and Friday the 13th VIII plus many more.