The HBA Takes A Hatchet to: Case 39 & Let Me In!

After I accidentally put up one of next weeks films last night (hookers, booze and blogging aren't a good mix), here we are with a triple thrash threat of horror releases for this first day of October! There has been a ton of genre cinema over the past few months, and it only looks to get out of control as the month of October will be granting us a ton of horror releases for the HBA to take a stab at. Instead of doing three different posts, I thought it would be good to save space and include all of this weeks releases in one post for all to see.

One of the most talked about horror films of the year has been the pseudo-remake of Let Me In, with many lashing out at the prospect of a basterdized cash-in of the beloved Swedish vampire film. However, with a handful of great clips and trailers, the film has started to turn the negative hate into positive hope that this might be a pretty good film. We'll see what you all have to say about it.

Dinner With Max Jenke: Shadow Of The Vampire

Horro's Gory Reviews: Reviews to die for!!!: LET ME IN REVIEW

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Cyberschizoid: HAMMER HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE - Let Me In Review



Another film that is making its way into theaters this weekend is Case 39, a movie that I would never even remotely care about personally, which is only cemented by the presence of Renee Zellweger. Still, as much as I don't want to care about this film, director Christian Alvart made a fantastic little sci-fi/horror gem with 2009's Pandorum, and I have heard great things about his previous film Antibodies, so I cannot simply brush this film off all that easy. I'll be very curious to read what the HBAers have to say about this one.

Terror Titans: 'Case 39' is good but predictable horror film

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Last but certainly not least is Hatchet 2, which, due to its lack of rating, is only playing in AMC theaters. Adam Green has gone against the grain, and the MPAA, by keeping his movie as bloody as he intended, thus, keeping it out of a ton of theaters, so I really hope that people that have the chance to see this one do, just based on principal. It's kind of a big deal.

Mike and Chuck's Blog of the Dead: Mini Review: Hatchet II

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You know the drill…do a write up for either Let Me In, Case 39 or Hatchet 2 and you can post a link to the review in the comments section so we can add it here for all the HBA to see.
Have fun at the movies!


Chuck said...

Heres a review for Hatchet II on Mike and Chuck's Blog of the Dead!

Jeff Allard said...

Here's a review of Let Me In:

I would love to get around to the other two movies (and actually, if you can believe it, there's a fourth horror movie out this weekend - Chain Letter!) but that's a lot of trips to the theater!

Charles Gramlich said...

I actually didn't know taht "let me in" was something of a remake. I feel ashamed.

Steve Miller said...

I've got a take on "Case 39" which you can check out here:

Terror Titans: 'Case 39' is good but predictable horror film

I give it 6/10, with extra consideration for strong performances and a good ending.

HorrO said...

Here is the link to my review of Let Me In:

Micah said...

Hatchet II L.A. Premiere review (mine/ same one I did for BloodyD) -

Matt-suzaka said...

Great, thanks for all the submission all the films getting some love, and I am super curious how the box office will turn out this weekend!

Richard of DM said...

Hey gang,

Here's my review for Let Me In.

Jeff Allard said...

Hey, I checked out Case 39 as well - here's a review:

It's a lot better than I would've thought based on how long it's been held back.

HorrO said...

I just posted my review of Case 39, so check it out as well as my Let Me In review @

Dr Blood said...

Here's my review of "Case 39" for what it's worth. Case 39

Unknown said...

"LET ME IN" hasn't been out long in the Uk but here's my review. Hope you enjoy!