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Last year we saw the surprising dethroning of one of the most popular horror franchises of all time, Saw, by the underdog indie horror flick, Paranormal Activity. Now here we are, one year later, and while Saw moved its release date back by a week, the two biggest films of the Halloween season are meeting once again in what is almost a head to head mach up.

My question has nothing to do with which do you think will do better in the box office, but which film you are all more excited to see? The latest and possibly last film in a long lasting horror series with a three dimensional touch, or the sequel to the film that swept the nation last year, but also divide a lot of horror fans? Both is a fair answer too, but I am sure most of you will sway at least a little one way or the other. What say you HBA?!?! WHAT SAY YOU?!


stonerphonic said...

I'd rather watch a re-run of Lassie Come Home (1943).

More teeth than SAW.
Nowhere near as boring as Paranormal Activity.

Mr. Gable said...

I don't think anybody is going to go see either. Box Office numbers have been so poor this year (at least in my view) and with a full on Halloween weekend I think everybody would rather get together and watch old movies then venture out to a theatre to see either of these 2. Personally, I'll be going to the new Saw.

FoolishCop said...

When they come out on Redbox or Netflix's Watch Instantly, I'll probably watch Paranormal Activity 2 before Saw 3D.

The 3D phenomenon is simply being overdone to charge moviegoers more money. Look at the disappointment registered by theater owners when they announced the latest Harry Potter movie was only going to be shot in 2D.

The fact is, not every movie is worth shooting in 3D. There are only so many Avatars out there. Just slapping 3D on it -- even if it's better 3D than what used to be shown -- doesn't improve the story. Any Saw movie now is just mining the dregs of the other films in the series, which have gotten progressively worse.

Paranormal Activity, while not a great movie by any stretch, at least kept the suspense about what was going to happen next. Some of the acting was decidedly amateurish, yes, but I thought it was entertaining nonetheless. Not the "scariest movie of all time" entertaining, just something to while away 1-1/2 hrs. of my life.


The Fright Writer said...

Honestly, I can't wait to see Saw. I know they have got progressively worse but, it's like having a bad tooth and having to play with it.

Paranormal Activity was excellent last year and moved the handheld camera thing on a few steps from Blair Witch and was genuinely chilling but, I'm not sure they can do a sequel as well as the first.

My wife disagrees though and wants to see PA2 more.

Anonymous said...

It's a real testament to how much I enjoyed the first SAW that I've actually sat through several miserable sequels. At this point I would NEVER pay theatre price to see another SAW flick again. Paranormal Activity was a decent film, but why the heck would there need to be a part 2? If I was forced to pick under torture, I guess I would go with Paranormal, but frankly I wouldn't pay my hard earned cash to see either of these films.

Dr Blood said...

It's all about the ripoff cinema prices for me. If I had to spend $10 on either of these films, bearing in mind that they are both sequels and can never be as good as the first, then I'd go with Saw. Saw VI wasn't too bad and was a lot easier to follow than parts III-V (especially V) and it makes me want to actually see the conclusion now. In reality, I'm not going to see either of them until they come out on DVD and I can get them through Netflix because I have better uses for my money.

Anonymous said...

Neither. Quite frankly, I'd rather put vinegar in my ear canal than see either one. I won't watch SAW 3-D at all, not even to review it. That's how badly I hate that franchise, now. I will watch Paranormal Activity 2, but my expectations for it are extremely low. Paranormal won't release here(well, it might but my rural community would never show it), so I'll be stuck seeing it online......kind of like Hatchet II. And I won't see either one when they're released, I'll be too busy watching actual(read:older) horror.

Micah said...

Definitely Paranormal Activity 2. I wonder if the Paranormal franchise makes it to 7 films if I would feel the same way though.