End Of The Year... Horror Favorites!

What are some of the things in the last year that were the best in horror?
It can be a film, music, celebrities, food, blog, that spider crawling on your arm... 
as long as it happened in 2010.
So you all get the idea, now start telling.


Lee Russell said...

It was really a slow year film-wise. I don't think I could even pick ten films that are worth talking about.

Unknown said...

01. the squirrel that jump out of my truck engine, when i tried to start it and find out was the problem.
02. anything to do with the human centipede movie.
03. anything to do with the taint movie.
04. why nicolas cage's movies have failed.
05. barbra walters' top ten list.
06. airport screening gone viral bad.
07. unemployment.
08. more children killing in school with guns.
09. the bp oil spill
10. people cannot die, stupid plastic surgery... just get old and let it be!

Happy New Year... welcome in 2011
Jeremy [iZombie]

Sharon Day said...

1. Anything about New Jersey housewives.
2. Anything about the Jersey Shores people.
3. Anything about the Atlanta Housewives.
4. Anything about the Washington Housewives.
5. Anything about the Bridoplasty girls.
6. Anything about the Beverly Hills Housewives.
7. Anything about the New York Housewives.
8. Anything about the OC Housewives.
9. Anything about Mary the Psychic on SyFy.
10. Anything about Rocker's Wives.
(The theme here would be REALITY BITES!)

Justin Kosch said...

In no particular order
The hype surrounding Human Centipede
Dropping ten TVs from top stock at work and nobody getting hurt
Discovering ZDD Visual Media
ZDD Visual Media opening back up
The inauguration of my blog, Italian Lemonade
The 30 Days of Giallo experiment I conducted on Italian Lemonade
Another holiday season and so far not murdering any customers, despite their best efforts to send me into a murderous rage.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...
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Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

1) remembering that HUGE spider that was on the chair in my office
2) Spiderfest 2010
3) Discovering the existence of remote control spiders
4) having to buy a pastel green satin dress

I have to stop now, talking about that dress is going to give me nightmares :)


Doctor_Cyclops said...

Going to the theatre to see Ghost Stories by Andy Nyman & Jeremy Dyson, and then one month later The Woman In Black. Jumped out of my skin at both. Atmospheric and spooky, much more effective than 99% of movies.

Sir Jorge Orduna said...

I don't have 10 things that scared me, but only 1. I realized this year, that despite my degree, I'm one of the millions of people that can't find or get a job :( 16 months and counting, at one point I was having a nervous breakdown. I'm too young to feel this old.

Bemused Artificer said...

There are times having Ms. Chris (Frog on a Pumpkin ) as a friend can be frightening, mainly because she is so sweet and wonderful. And in farthest reaches of your mind that one voice whose name is Fear, screams "RUN! - RUN NOW!" It says these things because it knows there may come a time when she may think "Hmmm... Daniel would make an interesting prop for the yard... how shall I do it?" And as we all know the Evil Art Director gets what she wants.
But alas my top ten would simply be one event superceding any nine others.
It was our discovery that the huge-normous Pumpkin Spider that attempted to eat Ms. Chris had in fact hitchhiked on me for a good 15 minutes before deciding it wanted to surf the web at Ms. Chris's desk prior to nom-ing on her head.
That would be events 1 through 10... and possible 11 through 17 as well.

Joel Harley said...

My own little effort: