Horror Radar: 5/30/2010

Hey Horror fiends, we have several new announcements for you this evening from your fellow Horror Bloggers:


Director Warren Speed will be seeing the release of his new film ZOMBIE WOMEN OF SATAN in the coming months, so to promote the upcoming release, Strike Media Limited is hosting the official Miss Zombie Queen 2010 beauty contest in the UK!! Check out the promo below for additional information:

Bigdaddy Horror Reviews has several new and exciting articles out this weekend, the first featuring the greatest VHS covers to grace the genre, and the second which is dedicated to the hit children's Horror show Are You Afraid of the Dark! Head over HERE and HERE to read on!! If you are feeling particularly daring, also be sure to check out their interview with the star/director of The Wrong House, Shawn French, at the following link as well:



Thanks again and have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

-The HBA

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stonerphonic said...

been stalking this on their FB page for the longest time. has EVERYTHING in the one damn movie. what's NOT to like. best thing to come out of the UK since Cook headed towards Australia...