The HBA Takes A Stab At: Jonah Hex!

Hey kiddies! Jonah Hex makes his way down a dusty path to the big screen this Friday, and even though it isn't necessarily a horror film, it's close enough. There is violence, revenge, and even some supernatural elements, so why not give the HBA a chance to take a stab at it? Send in your links to, or if you are just too busy for all that, then leave a comment and we shall add your link for all to see. Unfortunately, we didn't get very many links sent in for Splice, and I know a lot of you saw it, so send them in people so we can all read them! If not, I'll hold my breath until you do. Or when I need to breath again…which ever comes first.

Terror Titans: Well...that hombre LOOKS like Jonah Hex!

Porkheads Horror Review Hole: Since when did Two-Face wear a stetson? JONAH HEX  

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Steve Miller said...

I'm more of a fan of the classic Joe Albano/Michael Fleisher-written Johan Hex than the horror-themed Tim Truman version from the late 1990s/early 2000s that this film seems to be based on. (And it's odd they chose to go with the Truman version, since, by all accounts, the successful more recent series bore a closer resemblance to the classic Hex.)

However, I'm seeing it this afternoon despite my low expectations, and I'll send you a link. (Didn't see "Splice" as it didn't look all that interesting to me.)

Anonymous said...

I will probably see it as a dvd release, so does this mean Megan Fox will be a Scream Queen in the near future? She's in Jennifer's Body. Now Jonah Hex.

wiec? said...

here's mine:

i saw it for free and it was barely worth the price of admission. just saying ...