The HBA Takes A Stab At: Splice!


Finally we have a theatrical horror film that the wonderful members of the HBA can take a stab at! This coming Friday, June 4th, Splice hits theaters, and I must say, I am pretty excited for it. So for anyone that is newer to the HBA, if you watch and review Splice on your blog or site, send us a link via the email (which is:, or leave it in the comments section below, and we will add it right here to this post for all the HBAers to ingest. I have already seen a few reviews floating around, so send them in folks, we all want to know what YOU think!

365 Horror Movie: Splice W/Director Q&A

Dinner With Max Jenke: Fun With Science

The House that Dripped Blog: GO SEE SPLICE! “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Zombo's Closet: Missing Some Genes

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Micah said...

Very cool. Tomorrow I am heading to a sneak preview that has a director Q&A afterwards. Anyone have any burning questions they need an answer to?

Will Errickson said...

I doubt I'll see this in the theater, but in the trailer I saw, the characters are clearly named: Adrien Brody is Clive and Sarah Polley is Elsa. I love a modern horror film that knows how to do a shout-out.

Micah said...

My review of the screening and Q&A with the director --

DrippedJake said...

The best horror film since at least 28 Days Later! A rare horror film that's actually about something. i reviewed it too:

Fritz "Doc" Freakenstein said...

My bad! I posted my review of Splice over a week ago and forget to send in my link. I hope my review explains my mixed (mostly positive) reaction to Splice.