Horror Radar: 7/6/2010

Hey All, well it might be monday but there is already, plenty to check out already this week.

The Film Connoisseur has teamed up with Shawn Anderson from "The Celluloid Highway", to count down the top five Bizzaro movies, with the #1 set to be revealed on friday. Check it out here.


Radiation-Scarred Reviews' celebration of JAWS' 35th anniversary and shark-cinema in general starts on the 13th and will run through until the 20th. Click here to find out more about how you can get involved


Slammed & Damned has a new feature called "I Can't Believe It's Not Horror," which looks at flicks that may not be technically classified as horror, but are dark or twisted enough to fall into the category anyway. The first piece in the series features Stuart Gordon's flick Stuck and can be found here


Big Daddy Horror Reviews has posted a couple of great articles on Vestron Video aswell as why we should stop crying over horror remakes


Star Costumes have published thier list of the top 10 greatest (and Campest) B Horror Movies ever, which you can find here


Thanks Again and heres to another great week of Horror Blogging!!

-The HBA

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