Horror Radar: 9/6/2010

So we might at the halfway point of the week, but already it's proving to be a busy week here on the HBA.
Here are some more announcments from your fellow Alliance members.


Brandon Sites of bigdaddyhorrorreviews.com. is asking the question "If you had one horror genre related wish, what would it be and why?"

http://www.bigdaddyhorrorreviews.com/2010/06/if-you-had-one-genre-related-wish-what.html .

If you wish to get in on the action and have your wish posted on his blog as an article please feel free to e-mail brandon (bigdaddyotb@spinfinder.com) with your comments, name, and web address!


Slammed and Dammed have three exciting posts definatly worth giving a look

First, is a piece on Itch, the new movie directed by Final Girl (aka Stacie Ponder) which you can find here

Next up is the roundtable interview with the fine folks at Trash Film Orgy, which can be found here

And finally, there is a piece on John Carpenter's latest announced flick, a vampire movie that sounds a lot like his 1998 vampire movie which can be here


The Blood Theatre is sorely in need of writers who are interested in creating reviews, articles, and other features for the site. The site is calling for any writer, big and small, to help it grow into something great. There are more details on the site in regards to sending samples and submissions in.


There is a first look at the new Classics Mashup from "Quirk Classics" over at From the Depths of DVD Hell. Quirk Classics being the folks who gave you "Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters" and "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", with this latest release sees them giving "Anna Karenina" a twist to create "Android Karenina"

There is also a competition, to win one of 25 Quirk Books Prize-Packs worth nearly $100 each, with each pack containing.

o Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfulso Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Journal
o How to Survive a Horror Movie by Seth Grahame-Smith
o Dracula’s Heir, an Interactive Mystery by Sam Stall

o Extreme Encounters by Greg Emmanuel
o How to Tell if Your Boyfriend is The Antichrist by Patricia Carlin
o An Android Karenina poster
o A Night of the Living Trekkies poster

The contest closes at June 14 at 5PM EST, and Quirk Classics will be announcing winners on June 17 at 12PM EST.


If you've got somthing you want to see featured here on the Horror Radar, please send us an e-mail with the details to horrorbloggeralliance@hotmail.co.uk .

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