Horror Radar: 6/14/2010

Guys and gals, welcome back to the Radar! First order of business, the HBA would like to welcome several new members to the staff!! We will be making introductions shortly as each of the new contributors become accustomed to the site, but we hope to see many new features, games, and much quicker turnaround times on e-mails. Several of our existing staffers are still experiencing technical difficulty due to computer complications, so we apologize to any of you that have experienced delays with your updates being applied to the site. Now, on to the Horror!!


Starcostumes has released a great new Top Ten along with a nod to the HBA! Be sure to stop on by and see what they had to say in this week's release:

The 10 Greatest (and Campiest) B Horror Movies Ever


We know everyone has been wondering about this one for a while... Well Geof over at Enter the Man Cave is finally here to cover SHARKS IN VENICE, which he has set out to prove was wrongfully overlooked for an Academy Award this year. Read on for his review HERE!!

If that wasn't enough, wait til you see what Geof has in store with his next new find:


It's every Horror fan's video game wet dream come true! It's like Mortal Kombat, but with all of your favorite Horror icons. F'n badass! Every fan should be sure to check out Geof's in-depth review of the most recently released demo... OR ELSE!!1



Sam Wineman has a YouTube clip you might wanna check out. It's a 3-minute-long animated mini zombie musical!!


If you like it, be sure to click "like" or repost it in your blogs!?Sam is a zombie flick fan, and it has been always been my dream to make zombie-themed musical. If it gets enough "likes" on YouTube, Musical of the Living Dead will a contest it's in to fund full-length to fund its full-length and live action awesomeness!!

Today is the last day for voting, so be sure to stop by to support the short!


Slammed & Damned has a new feature called "I Can't Believe It's Not Horror," which looks at flicks that may not be technically classified as horror, but are dark or twisted enough to fall into the category anyway. The first piece in the series features Stuart Gordon's flick Stuck and can be found here: http://theronneel.com/?p=2920.


The Blood Theatre (www.thebloodtheatre.com) and it is sorely in need of writers who are interested in creating reviews, articles, and other features for the site.
The site is calling for any writer, big and small, to help it grow into something great. There are more details on the site in regards to sending samples and submissions in!


Thanks again and expect many new features, polls, and content in the coming weeks!

-The HBA

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