The HBA Receives Its First Award!!

Not even a week into its creation, and the HBA community blog has received its first award! Blogger extraordinaire Wings from Caffeinated Joe has deemed this One Lovely Blog, and we greatly appreciate his continued support. This award is shared with each of our members, so thanks again to everyone who has participated in our continued growth!

Be sure to visit Joe at!

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Wings1295 said...

Well deserved. This blog has pulled together so many other great horror blogs, it is more than lovely, it is AWESOME!

I Like Horror Movies said...

Hey, you guys deliver the blogs, and we'll deliver the.. uh.. blogs! That wasnt as clever as I originally hoped.

Jordan in Texas said...

Right on Carl. Well-deserved.

I'd also like to say that I'm glad to be a new addition to the HBA!

I Like Horror Movies said...

Were glad to have you WF, its great to see everyone banding together so quickly!