New Blog Additions: 2/19/2010

Another big day of additions here at the HBA, here is your new list of great reads for Friday night:

R.G. Male's Dark Corners
Dinner With Max Jenke
Danger Cinema
Zombie Dollars
Fear on Friday!
Poetic Zombie
Necrotic Cinema
Lu, The Dancing Bear
The Moon is a Dead World
NC Flix
John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Film and Television
The Cheap Bin
Enter the Man-Cave
Hayes Hudson's House of Horrors
Unleash the Flying Monkys!

Get out there and start blogging!

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Anonymous said...


Hate to keep bugging you about these things, but first thing I do is check out each of these new blogs. So I couldn't help but notice that a link is missing for NC Flix. Meanwhile, Enter the Man-Cave is listed twice.

Call me the unofficial link proofreader :-)


Matt-suzaka said...

Good looking out, Jonny. I added NC Flix and we are one less Man Cave now!

I Like Horror Movies said...

No prob Johnny I always appreciate the help! When Im going back and forth between the three windows to add people on the directory and the blog post I get all sorts of mixed up lol.. We appreciate having an HBA watchdog!