Horror Debate Sign-Up

Alright everyone, let's get this party started! The HBA is looking for pairs of horror bloggers to take on the following topics for the first series of Horror Debates. These debates are meant to be friendly and fun, and should also allow for creative thinking and exploration of alternate views that the writers might not necessarily support. We ask that the arguments be kept to a maximum of 500 words in order to keep the debates as even and fair as possible, but other than that you are free to use any supporting documents, thoughts, and opinions to examine your side of the debate. What you obviously are not entitled to do is attack the other contributor, but this should not be an issue. Depending on the number of submissions, we may launch several of the same debate topics with different contributors.

For the first several rounds, we will need volunteers for both sides of the argument on the following topics:

-Is Dario Argento overrated?
-Is 20 years too soon to remake a film?
-Is "Torture Porn" a derogatory term in recent Horror?

Also, we are looking for topic submissions for future debates, so be sure to chime in below with questions you would like to see discussed. Thanks in advance for your contributions and get writing!

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Matt-suzaka said...

I'll take the Torture Porn is a derogatory term! I just ranted about that subjects in my comments section recently, so it's a fresh frustration!

And for suggestions: Pros and cons of Bootlegging/bit torrent.

Slow vs fast zombies. I know, yawn.

Oh, better yet, are infected part of, or not part of the zombie genre?

I Like Horror Movies said...

Excellent suggestions, bootlegging is such a pertinent issue these days that would make for a great debate for sure! We will find someone to argue that Torture Porn isnt a derogatory term and get you guys going Matt!

Zachary Kelley said...

I'm game for the Dario Argento debate, and I will take hiss side on this one. While his last few films are el crapo, there's enough in his catalog to deserve the props he gets.

Other suggestions:
Is Asian horror boring or freaky?
Should the Italian giallo film be designated horror?
Is Wes Craven a hack that got lucky?
Does Universal horror still matter?

I Like Horror Movies said...

More great topics Bugg, I was actually considering the Gialli question this morning for the original post! We will definitely be sure to include those in future debates. Im going to hold off on selecting until more people filter in and I will take whichever is the most unpopular topic / argument

Alec Pridgen said...

While I'm never written a book on him like some people have, I consider myself a pretty big afficianado of Argento. If you think you can find someone who is willing to say that Argento is overrated, I'll glady argue against that.

As for 'torture porn,' I am certainly not the guy to talk about that. It's just not my thing.

Rhonny Reaper said...

In reference to T.L. Bugg's "Is Wes Craven a hack that got lucky?" If this is chosen as a topic, Im on Craven's Side (must support my fellow Cleveland Native lol plus I love his movies)!

I Like Horror Movies said...

James says he is willing to take the Argento is Overrated topic, so we have one participant lined up there, but Alec if someone else doesnt jump on I will take you on for Argento. Rhonny we can bump that one up if anyone is interested in arguing it! Thanks for jumping right on this everyone!

Bugg, if you and James want to start writing you guys can either contact each other to chat about the debate or submit your entries to horrorblogalliance@hotmail.com whenever you finish and we will get it posted up asap!

Elwood Jones said...

Ooooh would love to join in on one of these debates, especially if it's going against remakes (darn them) or supporting asian horror. In the meantime here's a few of my ideas for future rounds

* Silent Killers Vs. Smart Mouth Killers
* Most Underated Horror Icon
* Should anyone care about "Troma Films"
* Is the zombie genre overworked
* Old school horror effects Vs. CGI
* Can modern horror still be scary?

Highly Caffeinated said...

I'll take on defending the remake...

I Like Horror Movies said...

Awesome, Elwood and HC, if you guys want to get writing we should be good to go on that topic as well!

B-Movie Becky said...

Lots of great stuff here! I like Matt's bootlegging/pirating idea a lot, so I would take the side FOR pirating/illegal downloading if we were to get that one going. (How scandalous!)

Other potential ideas:
-Is Martyrs overrated?
-Are there too many indie horror titles for indie horror's own good?
-Uwe Boll: lucky SOB or malevolent SOB?
-Fun violence vs. realistic violence
-Would you let your ten-year-old watch INSERT MOVIE HERE (could be ongoing, and insert whichever movie for different weeks/months? or this could just a random question too rather than a debate)

oducerproducer said...

I'd be interested in debating, just gotta figure out which one, alot of great topics are on here!

Elwood Jones said...

That's cool I will get started on it and hopfully have it posted to you ASAP.