Horror Radar: Bloody Bloggers Awards

John and the other members of the League of Tana Tea Drinkers need your help! Nominations for the Bloody Bloggers Awards are now open to all horror bloggers, not just LOTT D members. Voting will be done by email (to eliminate voting campaigns), but to be listed in the nominee list, blog URLs and blog category(s) must be sent in as soon as possible. Visit the link below for the complete list of rules and categories:


Be sure to stop over and cast your votes today!

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jmcozzoli said...

Awesome, thanks! Oh, wait a minute, now I've got to go through all this email! Aaaaghhhh!

I Like Horror Movies said...

You dug your own hole there =D Cant wait to see the list so everyone can get voting!

Belle Dee said...

Is there a list yet? I couldn't seem to find it.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Unfortunately there was a bit of difficulty this year and the awards were suspended, however Mr Horror Blog-o-Sphere is running at Zombies DONT Run!