Horror Radar: 2/24/2010

A few quick updates from some of your fellow HBA members:

Scare Sarah is hosting an excellent new giveaway for the new thriller BABYSITTER WANTED at the link below:


Also, Steve Miller has some exciting news about the new Charles Band release of PUPPET MASTER: AXIS OF EVIL up at The Charles Band Collection:


Thanks again and keep reading!

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Unknown said...

i met charles band a few years back, when the roadshow came into town. he was all about the sell, sell, sell... i have some photos and a cool signed piece from him and i think stuart gordon...

maybe new questions: who in the horror world have you met... good and bad? tell your story, share your photos?

question 2: what is the coolest horror collectible you have... something signed, prop, a toenail... you get the idea...?

I Like Horror Movies said...

I have scheduled the two ques! Great additions!