Tools for Bloggers: SwagBucks

SwagBucks is an excellent online resource to help you earn free online cash that can be turned into gift cards or other great prizes. Essentially, SwagBucks serves as a standard search engine, which can be accessed through their homepage or through an installed toolbar for your internet browser. As you randomly search using the SwagBucks search engine throughout the day, you will be awarded with online cash redeemable at the website for an array of awesome items, particularly Amazon gift cards in a variety of denominations. SwagBucks can also be earned through referrals, newsletter promotions, and special events on the SwagBucks Facebook and Blogger pages. This is a great way to help reduce your monthly spending for very little effort. In a given month, I generally earn $5-$10 in Amazon cash just for using SwagBucks as my preferred search engine. That's 1-2 FREE DVDs a month!

Be sure to check out their site at the link below, and feel free to use my referral code to receive 5 FREE SwagBucks just for joining:

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oducerproducer said...

Maybe i'm missing it, where's the referral code lol.

I Like Horror Movies said...

It should click right through with the code linked in, otherwise it is Dragonmanes in all my sweet nerdy glory