What activities and features would you like to see?

Since this blog is a shared effort for everyone involved, we will be calling on each of you for various submissions and participation! The request lines are now open, and this is your cue to call in all of your ideas for the various group building activities and features that can be hosted through the site. It is going to take some time to lock in how many of these events will be organized, but with several hundred bloggers at our disposal, I'm sure we will be able to figure something out. A few ideas to get things moving:

-Fantasy Horror League: Members generate their top picks for actors, directors, and films within the Horror genre in the same fashion as Fantasy Football. Each week, brackets are decided and group members compete head to head in a group vote for who has the strongest list.

-Horror Debates: Topics will be chosen weekly, and members can chime in if they are interested in participating in the week's debate. Participants will be paired off to write brief arguments for or against the chosen topic in a friendly debate.

What else would you guys like to see on the Horror Blogger Alliance?

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Jeremy [Retro] said...

Zombie Stuff, i am a new born blog and do not want to run out of stuff... not that this will happen anytime soon. any recommendations for good ol' sites that feature the walking dead?

maybe a breakdown of what each one [in a group] of us specializes in from "movie reviews", "old school monsters", gore, everything horror, etc.

this being a great site for horror around the world... we should write a song called "We Are The Weird"... "We Are The Chosen"... lol


Chante said...


I also have a zombie blog like my friend iZombie above. His blog is packed full of great pictures and awesome comic book references to zombies!

My blog also has to do with zombies...stories written by me or contributors, photos, polls and a contest right now to win a free tee shirt!


I am now a follower of The Horror Blogger Alliance as well! yay!

I Like Horror Movies said...

Im all in, we can certainly take census polls on what everyone's sites are dedicated to and make broadcasts for it. As for zombie stuff, Johnny from Freddy in Space runs things like "Name that Clown" or "Name that Zombie," stuff like that is always a blast, Im a big fan of adding color to your site as well if you grab famous zombie scenes or zombie posters! Another great one could be finding pics people dressed as zombies in random ass locations, or from zombie walks.

B-Movie Becky said...

Haha, I love the Fantasy Horror League idea, as well as the Horror Debates. It may also be fun to do a sort of film club style review of a film every now and then, where say 5 or so of us watch a movie and then have to write a brief (one paragraph) review. Then, each of the 5 reviews would be posted together, so we can compare takes on the film. I also love Freddy in Space's games that you mentioned...maybe we could incorporate some of those?

I Like Horror Movies said...

Becks that is a GREAT idea, I would love to get everyone together reviewing the same movie at the same time, and possibly even scheduling a time to watch it and post comments on it in real time if we could find a forum or chat room somewhere to do so. How awesome would that be?

We could pair groups of 5 volunteers off at a time to do group reviews, assign groups of movies that people want to see reviewed, the sky is the limit!

Matt-suzaka said...

I like the film club idea too...only my paragraphs will probably end up being 1,000 words! I'll brain storm some ideas.

Matt-suzaka said...

Oh...here's a quick one that could kinda play into what Becky suggested. Maybe do something where a director or actor is spotlighted and a group of volunteers have to watch one of said directors/actors films, but the film is randomly picked. Like Russian roulette. It could be a handful of films from a handful of bloggers, then it would show what films worked and what ones didn't?

I Like Horror Movies said...

Another great idea for sure, maybe theres some way we can do a game of tag too, where someone watches and reviews a film, then tags another member with a film they want them to review? It would be nice if everyone had DVDAF or another DVD collection tracker where we all knew what flicks were available to each other