Horror Blips - An Invaluable Tool For Bloggers

Hey guys, it's Johnny from Freddy In Space. I made a post on my blog sometime last year about Horror Blips and I wanted to repost it on here for anyone who hasn't been introduced to the site and what it does yet. While some bloggers don't like the 'vote up' aspect of it, I find Horror Blips to be a very valuable tool in the horror blogger's toolbelt.



Horror Blips is not only an invaluable resource to all horror bloggers out there but it's also just as invaluable a resource to anyone who loves the horror genre. It's basically like Digg or StumbleUpon, except that it's tailored exclusively to all things horror. Horror bloggers register their blogs with the site and each new post they make is then immediately added to the Horror Blips homepage where other users can vote up or vote down those posts based on whether they like them or not. If people like your shit, it stays at the top of the page. If your shit stays at the top of the page, you get more hits. It's that simple. But whether you're a horror blogger or not, Horror Blips is THE place to go for all the latest horror movie news and all the latest horror blog posts from around the blogosphere. Thanks to the site, I never miss a beat or a single interesting blog post.

Maybe at some point Carl or myself will post a list of links to all of our Horror Blips accounts so we can all connect on there!


Alec Pridgen said...

I haven't tried that service out. Anything to get readers is always a plus, so i'll check that out. Thanks.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Awesome thansk for getting this up here Johnny! Maybe we can have people link their accounts below on this thread and then everyone can add each other!

Johnny said...

Here's my account -