Horror Radar: 2/8/2010

This Horror Radar alert comes from Cortez, visiting us from The Planet of Terror:

"I thought I'd alert the group to an interview I posted today with an indie horror film writer/director. His film, Dawning, is an amazing indie film about a family that's stalked by an unseen evil force while on a weekend getaway, camping out in the woods.
It really is an incredible film that is deserving of attention. Please be sure to stop by and support Indie Horror!"

Also, Cortez has been having some issues with his Dashboard search engine and the search bar embedded within his sight not functioning, if anyone has any advice, please leave a comment below!

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B-Movie Becky said...

Perhaps that's an issue with your browser. Try using another one if you have one installed, or download one like Google Chrome or Firefox. Those are my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Rock on, thanks Carl! And muchas gracias senorita Becky! Much appreciated.