New Feature: HBA Top Ten!!

We have been brainstorming new features that we could put together for group participation, and one of the ideas was to take entries and create cumulative Top Ten lists based on entries submitted by the HBA members! Rather than list out films chosen by the HBA staff and having members vote, we have decided that we would open the list up to any submissions, and the final films to make the official Top Ten lists would be the titles tallied up with the highest number of open votes. Submissions will not need to be entered in numerical order, since all votes will be weighed out the same in the end. That being said, we are opening up the floor and taking suggestions on what Top Ten lists you guys would like to see on the site! They can be as broad or obscure as you like, any will be taken into consideration and voted on. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and we will get this process under way!!

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Jeremy [Retro] said...

top ten list of "offbeat" horror characters:
ice cream man - clint howard
matt cordell - robert z'dar
mr. dark - jonathan pryce
lucifer - viggo mortensen
Diego de la Muerte - wilmer valderrama
dr. herbert west - jeffrey combs
johnny charles bartlett - jake busey
bubba ho-tep - bob ivy
darkness - tim curry
sis 6.7 - russell crowe

this is really only part one of like a million choices... i just thought of ten until i reached 10... i hope this is what you are looking for?

the ringmaster's realm said...

I think a top ten of the greatest creatures / monsters in movies would be awesome...

The Blob
Swamp Thing
and so on...

Just a quick idea, I am sure thatI have plenty of others.

Matt-suzaka said...

Here are some list suggestions:
Best sequels
Best final girls
Best worst movies
Best current directors

Honolulu Girl-Suz said...

I would like to see a list of top 10 foreign horror films. They don’t get as much attention, and I’m sure there are some great ones out there.
I just saw Blood; The Last Vampire, and that was through a rec’, and really good! So, would love a compilation of list of others.

Daniel Hobson said...

Top 10 Top 10's

Top 10 Killer's Weapons

But any Top 10 would be great if we got the community together on this.

Wings1295 said...

Top 10 Slashers

Top 10 Classics

Top 10 Killers

endless possibilites, really

Alec Pridgen said...

Well, anyone who knows my work will know that I love Top 10- or, in my case, Top 12- Lists. For those who don't know, I post all of my Lists on That Guy With The Glasses, a great site that allows for community posting, as well as videos by the creators themselves.

This month is entirely dedicated to Vampire Movie related Lists. If you want any input from me on something like that, let me know.

Cins said...

Top 10 zombie films
Top 10 supernatural films
top 10 bad ass chicks in horror

Larissa from American Gothica said...

Best ghost stories

Worst endings

Best use of an inherently creepy location

Best low-budget special effects

Best use of the weather as an uncredited character

Anonymous said...

Top 10 horror films where "Nature Strikes Back" (Long Weekend, The Birds, Piranha, etc)

Top 10 horror films featuring "Female Killers" (Inside, Friday the 13th, Deep Red, etc)

Top 10 Horror-Comedies

Greg said...

Top Ten Supernatural

Richard of DM said...

Top Ten Best Gialli
(Case of the Bloody Iris, Tenebre, etc.)

Top Ten Best Exploding Head Scenes

(Scanners, Night of the Creeps, etc.)

Top Ten Best Beheadings

(Sleepy Hollow, Friday the 13th, etc.)