New Blog Additions: 2/12/2010

Friday already?? Here is the list of today's new blogs:

Kangus Khan Films
Fear of Clowns - The Log
Hunting Humans - The Saga
Porkhead's Horror Review Hole
Fear of the Dark - Online
From the Depths of DVD Hell
Dollar Bin Horror
Cinema Somnambulist
Ghost or Not
Z for Zombies

Thanks again and get blogging!

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Richard of DM said...

Whoa. This is cool. Thanks for having me, y'all. Now I've got a whole mess of awesome blogs to go through!

I Like Horror Movies said...

Glad to have you Richard, and I am sure everyone is looking forward to reading Cinema Somnambulist!

Zach S. said...

Now it's a party...

Richard of DM said...

I sure hope everyone likes disappointment! CinSom is guaranteed to deliver!