Looking for Submissions

The Horror Blogger Alliance is looking for submissions for an icon or badge in the form of a linked image that can be proudly displayed on this page and all members pages. We are also calling out to anyone that is interested in designing the official HBA banner for the site! In addition to this, if anyone is interested in submitting a cool new layout, that would be considered as well. Help design this community the way you want to see it, and thanks in advance for the contributions!!


B-Movie Becky said...

I'm on the banner.

I Like Horror Movies said...

I came up with a quick badge on the right, but I am certainly open to anything else anyone can come up with!

MoreHorror.com said...

We'd love to connect and be part of the alliance. We'll reciprocate the link as well. Let us know what to do.


I Like Horror Movies said...

Youre in Seth, if you have any banners you would like added or an introduction to the site, feel free to shoot them to the email address on the right!