New Blog Additions: 2/10/2010

Here is the next batch of brand new Horror Blogger Alliance members for February 10th:

Paradise of Horror
Dead End Drive-In
Tropical Republics
Movies and Metal
Gruesome Details
Weirdo Wearing A Mask

Be sure to visit each of these great new blogs on the nav bar to the right to show your support!

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Anonymous said...


Just a heads up: looks like you forgot to post a link to Dead End Drive-In on the navbar. At least...I couldn't find it.

Also, the Tropical Republics blog's last post was something like 7 months ago. Is this perhaps an old URL?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding me to the page.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Thanks for the heads up Johnny! TR was the link given to me by the blog owner, he also operates Paradise of Horror so he may not post in TR as much. I will get DEDT added immediately though!

Johnny said...

Carl, i've just gotten word from the awesome dude that runs it that Win Free Horror Shit would like to be a part of the alliance!

I Like Horror Movies said...

::slaps forehead:: I dont know how I missed WFHS!! Added up

Kangas said...

Cool blog idea, man! I'm already procrastinating writing a new script, and now I have 40 new blogs to check out! :)

I would submit my 2 blogs but I don't know that they qualify, since they're really just histories of making each of my flicks.

But I'd be glad to put up a banner on my blogs if you want. Lemme know.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

please take what you need from my blog, if it's art... no problem... zombies no problem!


I Like Horror Movies said...

Kangas you absolutely qualify and I truly hope to see everyone from the page visit to check out your awesome production notes!

iZombie thanks for the offer, we will be reposting and linking shortly!

Jeremy [Retro] said...


i made a few more tags, zombie-style...
members if you like them, please use them...